Friday, March 19, 2010

Milking video

Here is a self-milker. His procedure is quite rough, but surely instructive.


  1. Hi, just finish watching video, but got some question with me. I am new to milking therefore the questions might sound foolish. Well, I have personally tried to milk myself with a massager but only end up clear liquid (Prostate fluid i believe?) came out. Hardly had any Seminal fluid (the white and milky one) came out normally. Usually i end up with an ejaculation instead with the massager inside. Never seen any seminal fluid prior to ejaculation; and this come to my second question, how can you tell if the person had an ejaculation or he has milked seminal fluid out from himself?

  2. Dear Andrew,
    I shall answer you in a new post I am writing just now. Andr.

  3. cant see the video, seams its link is broken