Friday, March 19, 2010

Milking video

Here is a self-milker. His procedure is quite rough, but surely instructive.

A boy to milk

Monday, March 8, 2010


SAEP09 persuaded me to write this brief summary.

When you are aroused, your internal glands begin to produce your male fluids and to swell. Prostate engorges, Cowper glands engorge, seminal vesicles engorge. When all these glands are full, all your genital system becomes very pleasurable. This is why many boys practice the so called "edging": being full of semen is one of the most gourgeous feelings for a men, which anyone would like to prolong as much as he can. The problem is that triggering the ejaculation your internal glands contracts, orgasm starts, and your genitals empty. It requires time to be full again.

Milking is a device which brings you to the maximum level of pleasure. When your pleasure is at the top, the milker starts to extract your semen. Working directly on your glands (above all on your testicles and prostate gland, but also on seminal vesicles and Cowper glands), he forces you to expel your semen without triggering the ejaculation reflex. Here is the trick: when he feels that your glands begin to contract, he squeeze them, forcing your semen to came out without triggering the ejaculation.

Doing so, he obtains three things:
1) a good quantity of your semen.
2) a very pleasurable feeling for you: when internal glands start to contract, you experience the feeling of the impendig ejaculation (the better part of the orgasm, as far as I know), and also to be massaged, feeling our semen forced out, is highly pleasurable.
3) he avoids your refractory period, which does not depend on the quantity of fluids you ejaculate, but by the final contractions of the orgasm.

This way you can be milked endlessly, and the points 1, 2, 3 are repeated in rapid succession until you are exhausted.