Tuesday, December 1, 2009

3 bis. New discoveries

I feel that I have to share with you my new discoveries about bull milking. And I start remembering you the difference between the two most important stages of male orgasm process: the emission phase and the ejaculation phase. The emission phase starts when the ejaculation impends. During the emission phase rhythmic muscular contractions in the epididymi, vasa deferentia, seminal vesicles and prostate gland force the sperm and prostate and seminal fluids into the ejaculatory ducts (i.e. the prostatic urethra), thus forming semen. The prostate swells and hardens, as seminal fluid accumulates in its urethral bulb, resulting in a sensation of ejaculatory inevitability. Then the ejaculation unavoidably starts. The prostate gland undergoes a rapid series of contractions until it shrinks to its normal size. These contractions squeeze the secretions from the prostate, through the urethra, into the penis, and then out the tip of the penis. Every time the prostate contracts and relaxes, it draws sperm from the seminal vesicle. It is possible for a man to experience more than twenty contractions. We have our bull’s juices, but we cannot do anything to build up other ejaculation, because there is the refractory period.
Now, we should understand an important thing. When emission phase ends, the ejaculation starts automatically. We cannot stop it. But the emission phase is not an immediate phenomenon: it is very quick, but if we are touching the prostate gland, we can know when emission starts. Our bull’s prostate starts to swell and to harden. We have at least two seconds to stop the genital stimulation. The emission of juices consequently subsides, but prostate gland is already full and demands for release. We can perform a prostate massage (see chapter III) , extracting very excellent quantities of bull semen, already complete of all its components. The orgasm, and the consequent refractory period is thus avoided, and the male glands are ready to be newly excited and drained.


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