Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1. Introduction

Dear boys,
Many of you have sent questions about “male milking”: on chat, on cam, by mail. I have resolved to answer you about this topic, explaining the things you have seen or heard about it, hoping that this might be a matter of strong interest for all of you.

This topic is MALE MILKING - not popular milking as many could intend it (i.e. banal teasing with final cumshot). We’ll speak about the use of the male body as a semen farm. And we’ll explain how to force this farm to work hard to produce unexpected quantities of milk. We are not interested in normal cumshots. We are interested in how to induce a BULL to do the work nature intended him to do, i.e. semen production. We are interested in techniques we can use to force the bull’s genitals to work like a cow tit, and in techniques we can use to milk his juices.

I obviously assume that you have some experience or knowledge of the male anatomy and male genitals. If this is not the case, I advise you to learn some basics before you read this article. If we want to use the male body correctly, and especially if we wish to interfere with some instinctive mechanisms people generally think they know, we have to take a step backward and go into this matter more thoroughly. Subjects you should know in detail are:
- How male body is made up.
- How male genitals (external and internal parts) are made up.
- How male genitals work. This latter subject should comprehend:
- The role and functioning of testicles
- The role and functioning of spermatic cords
- The role and functioning of the prostate gland
- The role and functioning of seminal vesicles
- Last but not least: what happens in male genitals during the so called “orgasm”.

Knowing about these subjects will not only allow to make our bull to have an orgasm, but to use his genitals for a massive production of their seminal juices, which is a predominant part of the fantasies of most of us.

A very useful introduction to the ejaculation process, with a clear and scientific distinction between “emission phase” and “ejaculation phase”, can be found in an article by B. Benders, Continuous Male Orgasm, 1999. It is largely widespread on the Internet, and it can be read here.
A good animation about how male genitals work can also be found on the Internet:

(it is a bit misleading, because here the testicles don’t change size and shape, and prostate gland engorges only during the ejaculation, when it actually contracts. I have only rearranged it, but I cannot correct such errors).

In our approach one session will be divided into two different stages: the AROUSAL process for semen production, and the MILKING process for semen extraction. The session requires one BULL (or more), a very manly and strong man, preferably straight and well endowed; and a MILKER, a person who, working on the body of the bull, stimulates it and milks it. Sometimes the bull can be the same person as the milker: if he is alone, he can be his own milker, and can milk himself - our approach will provide for this eventuality also. Both stages are pleasurable, for the milker and for the bull, although at the end of the session the bull may be very tired and exhausted.


  1. What a beautiful animation, enhanced 100% by the audio soundtrack. I understand the comment about the inaccuracy of the drawing - the prostate expanding when it should be contracting - but this does not detract from the overall image of the erection, stroking, and ejaculation. Well done!!!

  2. I hope to explore this more. You have aroused more than my interest.

  3. Your blog is one of the rare ones that match my interest, or shall I say fetish. It motivates me to create my own blog, we´ll see.
    Keep it up man and thanks for all the valued information!

  4. Would love a link to where that animation originates. Keep up the good work love this blog!

  5. I'd like to post it, but I am not able to find it anymore!

  6. I think the animation is accurate in showing how stimulation allows the seminal vesicles begin to engorge and become overloaded with fluid. I find equal or more sex batter is milked from the seminal vesicles than the prostate, which also overloads and fills durning stimulation. A large weeks worth of saving these fluids is critical to a productive prostate milking. Massaging these bloated glands produces alot of bulk sludge which is easily milked out and into the jar.