Friday, April 23, 2010

New videos

When I watch photos and video of nude men, masturbating or being masturbated, I have the preference for those which shows:

- the boy lying on his back, with his legs wide open
- a close view of his entire genital apparatus especially when:
- he is near to cum
- he is cumming

because I love to see

- his genitals swelling and engorging with their fluids during the excitement phase
- the swelling and the movements of his bull testicles while they are forced to work hard
- the approaching of the emission phase with the characteristic contractions of vasa and the voluntary contractions of the PC muscle
- the oozing of his crystal-clear precum
- the final contraction, corresponding with the emission phase
- all the genital contractions related to the subsequent ejaculation
- the spurts of his male milk, and every singular contraction of his genitals and of the bulbocavernous muscle related to it.

It goes without saying that the young man should be a ‘bull’, i.e. a man endowed with a vigorous and manly body and with a powerful genital system, capable of producing great quantities of his precious milk.

I have found that there are some good sites which offer videos like this. Therefore I shall add some link below, with a few comments or suggestions. They are all worth seeing. Enjoy them!

Chaosmen. Gage. In the main page search for Gage, then videos. Gage is a real bull. The video has a very good view, and contains a powerful orgasm.

Sean Cody. In the main page, search for Kendall. A well endowed productive stud. Perfect view.

Maskurbate: Benoit. The straight bait. Perfect view. Perfect eggs. Nice contractions.


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