Thursday, April 8, 2010


As this blog concentrates on male genitals and their anatomy, it is important to introduce some concepts about one of the most important part of the male body, i.e. testes.
The main important functions of testes are:
- producing male sex hormones of which testosterone is the most powerful and important in the development and transformations of the male body during puberty (the article puberty on wikipedia is very good).
- producing spermatozoa in the pubescent and adult male.

The value of testes for the male body is huge. They have been considered a key element in the manipulation of male growth and sexual performance.
In ancient as well as in more recent times, boys have been castrated in order to obtain other things from those nature projected them for from their bodies. Till the very first years of the XX Century, boys have been castrated to preserve their child voice to sing in churches - probably, in some cases, also to preserve their anuses soft and smooth for doubtful practices. In ancient times, castration has been performed - mostly on slaves - for contraceptive purposes and to obtain boys who were sexual toys: boys were castrated when their puberty was near completion, the testicles had accomplished their task in the development of the body, and the penis and the other internal glands were full grown.

The average testicle after puberty measures 4-5 cm in the relaxed status (they weight 25-30 gr.). So testes are quite big glands in the human body. They work incessantly during day and night for sperm production, and work with an alternating rhythm for the production of testosterone: the endocrine release is at its maximum in the last part of the night - when it triggers the nocturnal erections - and in the morning.

Sperm is incessantly produced. It is stored in the epididymides (1) where it undergo maturation processes. Then it is delivered by the vasa deferentia (7) to the internal glands during sexual intercourse, becoming essential part of the male semen.

At this point it is very important to speak about the testicle function in the genital system in the adult male and during the sexual act. I do not intend to discuss the working of the other male glands now. Now I concentrate on testes.
When a man is aroused, his testes start to work harder than in the ordinary life. Their double work - sperm and testosterone production - increases progressively. Like the other genital parts, they start to swell. Testes generally swell from 30% to 50% of their normal size during sex. Masters and Johnson found that if sexual excitement is sustained long enough, the testicles could almost double in size. This engorgement is mainly due to vasocongestion, which contributes to the overworking of these glands.

The boy scrotum becomes meatier; the shape of his gonads becomes more evident because their engorgement and partial rotation. When the male is completely aroused, and his penis becomes stiff, epididymides start to engorge with important quantities of sperm. If you are experienced with male genitals, you will able to understand when epididymides start to enlarge. Their content will form the 5 % of the semen.
If arousing and stimulation continues, testes continue to grow; their epididymides continue to engorge with their rich products. The testes, almost fully grown, are now working hard, and start to be very sensible to the touch. If you squeeze them, you force them to release their glandular treasure in the epididymides, obliging the glands to produce more. This is why the scrotum becomes tight when the boy is near to the orgasm: the testes are pressed along the base of the penis, in order to squeeze out more of their products. According to Masters and Johnson, their contraction is fundamental to obtain a “full ejaculation”.

Probably at this point some Cowper’s glands fluid starts to appear (but guys show very different Cowper glands reactions). It is the signal that the internal system is already loaded, and the play becomes interesting now.
With a heavy massage of the glands we can force our male to produce more. Increase the natural scrotal squeezing of the testes: when the scrotum tights, hold the glands, better if below, drawing them outside and spreading his vasa. This will make room for his engorging epididymides.
Squeeze the glands with rhythmic pressure for ten minutes, forcing them to work hard.
If testes tend to disappear inside the groin, you can use a rubber around the penis and scrotum to oblige them to stay within reach.

Sperm is forced in the vasa deferentia, and peristaltic contractions of the vasa help to deliver a part of the sperm up to the ampullae. Only a part, indeed; the rest will be delivered by the contraction of the internal glands during the emission phase - or equally by an artificial rhythmical pressure applied to the prostate gland (but this is another story). At the same time you can feel more plainly the distended vasa deferentia, which run through the scrotum, the groin, and then disappear inside his pelvis.

Epididymides are being large. If you have worked well, testes are now huge like udders, still incessantly working. Very sensible to the touch, they start to ache. They should ache, indeed, before starting any semen extraction. You can choose now: you can trigger an orgasm, taking a brief pleasure, or you can milk your bull’s loaded internal glands, enjoying them for hours.

(I am pleased to thank my new friend Nandi, who has read this article and provided useful suggestions).


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