Thursday, April 1, 2010

The male juices

Dear friends,
the comments and asks by our friend Andrew incite me to write another post, hoping that it could be useful for anybody who is interested in male milking.

Andrew’s asks are two: A. how we can recognize the seminal vesicles fluid; B. how can you tell if the person had an ejaculation or he has milked seminal fluid out from himself.
Here are my answers.

A. If you have read my previous posts, you have learnt that the male cum is properly made up by three different glandular juices, which are expelled nearly together in a normal ejaculation, but which are forced out in three different stages in a proper milking session. These juices are:
1. The Cowper glands fluid (5 %). This fluid is secreted by the Cowper or bulbourethral glands, popularly known as pre-cum. It is easily recognizable, as it is a viscous crystal-clear fluid. Its clearness characterizes it, and you cannot mistake it for other fluids. It drops out from penis when the genital system is fully excited in order to lubricate the urethra. Some men produce only a drop, others great amounts of it.
2. The prostatic fluid (30 %). It is secreted by the prostate gland. It is an opaque and dull juice, more fluid than cum. Its colour is more uniform than the colour of cum. It comes out when you massage and squeeze the prostate gland. Prostate is a very industrious gland. If you massage it, it can secrete large amounts of its juices, almost incessantly.
3. The seminal vesicles fluid (60 %). It is the biggest part of the ejaculate. It is very similar to the semen, gluey and milky, with a very changeable and uneven colour. It is difficult to massage your own seminal vesicles only with fingers, but when you are very excited, and they are very full, you can feel them as two hard bulges above your prostate gland. When you touch them, your penis starts to release nice ropes of seminal fluid (see the video below). When the male is excited, the filling of seminal vesicles is very fast. I advice to alternate prostate massage with seminal vesicles massage: while one gland is milked, the others are filling. This is a perfect trick to use a male as a bull to be milked.
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B. When the man has an ejaculation, his internal glands contract, and a refractory period follows. On the contrary, if you milk his seminal vesicle and the other glands, you can do it continuously, because his refractory period is avoided and his genitals will continue to produce their fluids. You can gain much more fluids if you stimulate your man until you feel that his glands are near to contract: then you have to massage them vigorously.


  1. Hi

    I wish there was a way to contact you

    Could you please direct us or give us your techniques for denying a bull as orgasm as he is being milked.


  2. When Im milking the fluids out I always start by unloading the bloated prostate. It seems to serve two functions.
    1. By stripping the bulk fluid from the prostate first, the milking of the prostate seems to stimulate more semen production in the seminal vesicles. They go into high production and really overload.
    2. Draining the bulk from the bloated prostate seems to take the pressure off the prostate and makes it more relaxed. Now the engorged seminal vesicles can more easily be milked. The thicker sludge being stripped from the overloaded seminal vesicals seems to milk through the drained and relaxed prostate easier and with a greater flow rate. The result being long thick ropes of semen instead of drips.
    Im still experimenting with milking techniques but this seems to be the case so far.