Tuesday, September 1, 2009

10. Excellent videos

Here are the links to three important houses which produce excellent videos about milking, edging, and male juices. Their videos show very big, manly, straight and well endowed boys, milked or performing 'solo' masturbation. I recommend them to everybody.

Muscolar, straight, and greatly endowed guys, being milked eagerly. Wonderful release of male juices.

The site has high-quality content, featuring an enormous collection of hot, young, muscular guys. I advice you to buy the Daniel's videos, but there is an infinite series of other studs.

Some of the military recruits ejaculate directly in Rob Navarro's mouth. You can see the orgasm contractions in their genitals.

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  1. Great blog! Keep up the good work, man. I just wish I could afford some of the many videos. I'd encourage some of you bulls (milkees & milkers) to share your actual experiences via comments in this blog. A good picture is worth 1000 words, but the words can be very hot, too. Share!!