Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2. Arousal

A nice and fun part of what we call a milking session is the first part, which involves preliminary acts intended to arouse our man and his complete genital system. These acts can seem very easy to perform, and in part they are so. In fact, it is not a difficult thing to arouse a male, especially if he is young, healthy, and manly, and he hasn’t ejaculated for three days or more. But we should clearly keep in mind that, if we want to milk him properly, we need to arouse him completely, with all the tricks which everyone knows, which some have defined as “edging”, and which I hold to be too superfluous to be described here. I only want to point out two significant aspects frequently neglected.

First. A very special attention should be paid to our bull’s testicles (generally, bigger and healthy testicles corresponds to a stronger sexual power. But this concerns more the choice of a bull than his treatment). During the arousal process they should be stimulated in different ways. At first they can be softly massaged, then, when the excitement grows, they can be more heavily palpated. Many of us can understand when a boy is fully aroused by watching his penis. We need to understand it also by his balls. This is a chief skill. When a male is getting aroused, his balls start an important work, which is a quick production of sperm and testosterone. The penis can be useful to turn on testes, but testes turn on the other genital glands and are the key of the entire genital apparatus. When testicles increase their work, they start to grow. Having them palpated and massaged becomes pleasurable, and stimulates them to work more. Don’t worry about the penis - although it probably is already fully erect, and its foreskin, if it’s uncut, is already withdrawn. The balls become full. The scrotal sack wrap them perfectly. A good way to force them to do their job is to squeeze them together by the sides. Another excellent way, which I use every time, is to apply a vibrator to them, keeping it on for at least three minutes with heavy vibrations. You can surely find your own best way.

Second. Attention must be paid to the precum. When the Cowper gland starts to secrete its fluids, known as “precum”, the genital system is close to being loaded. His testicles are swollen, his prostate gland is already engorged, his seminal vesicles are surely fully distended. Do you remember our goal? The biggest quantity of male juices. Now we are going to find out how they can be milked. You can collect them in a small glass.


  1. Doug (aka Avidjacker)September 10, 2009 at 8:10 AM

    Balls and precum have always held a large part in my erotic play. Now I understand better the reason for this! Now I will pay even closer attention to these two elements.

  2. So, the goal is to initiate a degree of edging normally, arousing the subject enough that the penis is erect and the subject is interested. Then enhance the experience with testicular interaction.