Wednesday, September 9, 2009

8. Further perspectives

Have you enjoyed your bull? Has he produced big quantities of his precious semen? Yes? Have you the faintest idea of how many sons could he conceive with the small glass of the male milk you have milked from him and which is now in your hand? Yes. The male has all this power.

Your bull is now surely tired. But your stimulation process has turned him on for such a long time, that he could ejaculate again. If this is the case, let him ejaculate another time. Naturally. He needs it. The orgasm reflex is a bit slower the second time. This makes its feelings stronger. He cannot miss it. He offers you the possibility of collecting another messy load.

Your bull is now soft. If you play with his penis, it scarcely responds to your wise touch. Take a penis vibrator. Use it on its shaft, hard or soft, until you feel his orgasm contractions. Stop the vibrator and see the spurt of his fresh milk. Feel his pleasure contractions subside in your hand.

* Many thanks to my friend Doug. He has improved my English on a first draft of this article with great patience and good suggestions. *

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