Wednesday, September 9, 2009

5. Some estimate

In a good session we can induce the bull to secrete at least one drop of Cowper gland’s fluid (precum), at least five drops of prostate fluid, which represent 10% of a normal ejaculation, and at least half of a normal ejaculation through the seminal vesicles massage. If we reckon all these numbers, we can milk about 60% of a normal ejaculation without triggering an orgasm.

And now begins the amusing part. Why have we avoided triggering an orgasm? This is THE FIRST TRICK of milking. Because doing so, our bull is not satisfied, and is still eager for the final pleasure. Someone might think that this kind of manipulation has drained our male, and that an eventual ejaculation would be less powerful. This is definitely wrong. When we decide to drive him to his orgasm, his ejaculation will be more massive and intensive than ever. How is it possible?
This is quite simple, and I’ll try to explain it with a practical example, which can destroy some fanciful ideas, but which is helpful in understanding these complex mechanisms. As we have seen, when someone is aroused, his internal glands fill with their respective fluids. If you go to the bathroom to evacuate when you are aroused, during your evacuation the pressure of excrements against your sexual glands empties them almost totally, much more than a 60% discharge. This is a physical and natural phenomenon, which helps those who don’t have sexual intercourse to expel part of his semen. This doesn’t absolutely remove the sexual desire. If the man has not had an orgasm, his body will continue his eager work, and his genitals will be quickly filled again.

There is a key element we now have to consider and this is THE SECOND TRICK of a good milking session. The testicles haven’t released their sperm yet. They are still aroused and engorged, and they are the most important glands in male reproductive system. Our milking has totally deceived them; they have not perceived that the internal glands have been emptied, and they have never stopped their work. More sperm, more testosterone. They are directly linked with our brain and if they keep working, also the internal glands are induced to secrete their juices. So, only when an orgasm turns off the arousal of the testicles, our brain stops the work of the internal glands. This is a perfect trick.

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