Wednesday, September 9, 2009

6. How to go on further

At this time anyone can imagine how to go on. Perhaps our bull is a bit tired, but surely he has enjoyed the attentions he has received, and all this kind of stimulation has been very pleasurable for him. His penis demands attention. We can resume a short stimulation stage. This will help his glands to be filled again in a very few minutes. Probably his testicles grow further, and this is just what we want.
In a very few minutes, we can start a second milking stage. Your fingers will find his glands in an identical condition to the first time. Probably his anus is now more relaxed and accessible, its internal walls a bit more dilated. His internal organs seem more open to be palpated. We can go on just like the first time. Thus, 60% + 60% = 120% of a normal ejaculation, and our bull hasn’t had the final orgasm yet. So, with only two milking stages plus the final release, we could collect around 220% of a normal ejaculation. But is it enough?

I think that the very first time you try this method, it could be enough, and you could be satisfied with two milking stages. But in a milking session I would consider as complete, there should be at least five milking stages, corresponding to a quantity of about four times a normal ejaculation. There surely can be more, but it all depends on your bull, on his age (23-38 years old are full-grown and sexually strong), on the period of time he do not ejaculate, on the size of his testicle and inner glands, on his alimentary habits, and so on. A good sign indicating when to stop comes from his balls. During all the milking session they have certainly grown very much. They have become very sensitive and are key part - more than we might expect - in the stimulation-production process. Their continuous work has forced your bull’s genitals to produce probably more than ever. When they are swollen, my advice is to avail yourself of the opportunity to milk it. More sperm, more testosterone - we said - more fluids to milk. But when testicles become aching and testosterone makes your bull more aggressive, he demands the final release which will satisfy his penis and testicles.

I don’t have any advice. You’ll know better than me, at that point, how to drive him towards the final release.

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