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1. Introduction

Dear boys,
Many of you have sent questions about “male milking”: on chat, on cam, by mail. I have resolved to answer you about this topic, explaining the things you have seen or heard about it, hoping that this might be a matter of strong interest for all of you.

This topic is MALE MILKING - not popular milking as many could intend it (i.e. banal teasing with final cumshot). We’ll speak about the use of the male body as a semen farm. And we’ll explain how to force this farm to work hard to produce unexpected quantities of milk. We are not interested in normal cumshots. We are interested in how to induce a BULL to do the work nature intended him to do, i.e. semen production. We are interested in techniques we can use to force the bull’s genitals to work like a cow tit, and in techniques we can use to milk his juices.

I obviously assume that you have some experience or knowledge of the male anatomy and male genitals. If this is not the case, I advise you to learn some basics before you read this article. If we want to use the male body correctly, and especially if we wish to interfere with some instinctive mechanisms people generally think they know, we have to take a step backward and go into this matter more thoroughly. Subjects you should know in detail are:
- How male body is made up.
- How male genitals (external and internal parts) are made up.
- How male genitals work. This latter subject should comprehend:
- The role and functioning of testicles
- The role and functioning of spermatic cords
- The role and functioning of the prostate gland
- The role and functioning of seminal vesicles
- Last but not least: what happens in male genitals during the so called “orgasm”.

Knowing about these subjects will not only allow to make our bull to have an orgasm, but to use his genitals for a massive production of their seminal juices, which is a predominant part of the fantasies of most of us.

A very useful introduction to the ejaculation process, with a clear and scientific distinction between “emission phase” and “ejaculation phase”, can be found in an article by B. Benders, Continuous Male Orgasm, 1999. It is largely widespread on the Internet, and it can be read here.
A good animation about how male genitals work can also be found on the Internet:

(it is a bit misleading, because here the testicles don’t change size and shape, and prostate gland engorges only during the ejaculation, when it actually contracts. I have only rearranged it, but I cannot correct such errors).

In our approach one session will be divided into two different stages: the AROUSAL process for semen production, and the MILKING process for semen extraction. The session requires one BULL (or more), a very manly and strong man, preferably straight and well endowed; and a MILKER, a person who, working on the body of the bull, stimulates it and milks it. Sometimes the bull can be the same person as the milker: if he is alone, he can be his own milker, and can milk himself - our approach will provide for this eventuality also. Both stages are pleasurable, for the milker and for the bull, although at the end of the session the bull may be very tired and exhausted.

2. Arousal

A nice and fun part of what we call a milking session is the first part, which involves preliminary acts intended to arouse our man and his complete genital system. These acts can seem very easy to perform, and in part they are so. In fact, it is not a difficult thing to arouse a male, especially if he is young, healthy, and manly, and he hasn’t ejaculated for three days or more. But we should clearly keep in mind that, if we want to milk him properly, we need to arouse him completely, with all the tricks which everyone knows, which some have defined as “edging”, and which I hold to be too superfluous to be described here. I only want to point out two significant aspects frequently neglected.

First. A very special attention should be paid to our bull’s testicles (generally, bigger and healthy testicles corresponds to a stronger sexual power. But this concerns more the choice of a bull than his treatment). During the arousal process they should be stimulated in different ways. At first they can be softly massaged, then, when the excitement grows, they can be more heavily palpated. Many of us can understand when a boy is fully aroused by watching his penis. We need to understand it also by his balls. This is a chief skill. When a male is getting aroused, his balls start an important work, which is a quick production of sperm and testosterone. The penis can be useful to turn on testes, but testes turn on the other genital glands and are the key of the entire genital apparatus. When testicles increase their work, they start to grow. Having them palpated and massaged becomes pleasurable, and stimulates them to work more. Don’t worry about the penis - although it probably is already fully erect, and its foreskin, if it’s uncut, is already withdrawn. The balls become full. The scrotal sack wrap them perfectly. A good way to force them to do their job is to squeeze them together by the sides. Another excellent way, which I use every time, is to apply a vibrator to them, keeping it on for at least three minutes with heavy vibrations. You can surely find your own best way.

Second. Attention must be paid to the precum. When the Cowper gland starts to secrete its fluids, known as “precum”, the genital system is close to being loaded. His testicles are swollen, his prostate gland is already engorged, his seminal vesicles are surely fully distended. Do you remember our goal? The biggest quantity of male juices. Now we are going to find out how they can be milked. You can collect them in a small glass.

3. Prostate milking

For the location of the prostate gland you can refer to the Benders’ article cited above, which also explains how to reach it. On the web there is a very good page which describes clearly the shape and function of the prostate gland ( This allows me to not be too detailed here. The only thing I cannot agree with is the pressure applied by finger on this gland. In my experience, that pressure should start in a very light manner, and become stronger little by little. You can massage it at least as hard as testicles, till it doesn’t ache. The prostate gland is frequently described as a chestnut shaped gland. This is quite true. Perhaps it resembles more the cockhead, the glans penis, with the difference being that the prostate gland is upside down, its tip is below and its lobes start on sides and are above, like in the drawing of a heart. It is in the lobes that the greatest part of the prostate fluids accumulate during the arousal process. So, as Squidgy suggests, we need to rub gently on the sides. It will help to arouse the gland, and you will see evident consequences in your stud's penis also. You can keep up this massage for some minutes, then, going into a deeper massage, also work on the tips of the lobes, on the highest part of prostate gland. If you do it correctly, he will feel the desire to be massaged with more pressure. His prostate needs to be milked. Do it starting from the sides. His penis will probably become more erect, but you don’t touch it. Let him focus his attention on the prostate gland. Its pleasure is sometimes faint, and can be totally wiped out if you do not concentrate on it. After several minutes, his prostate starts to discharge its fluids into the urethra: in a few seconds you can see the first drop appear on the piss slit. When this happens, you can milk the gland more confidently. Milk it, especially on the sides and top, guiding the fluids towards the center of the gland (
There is no limit of time for a good prostate milking. It can last ten minutes or one hour, according to the case (age of the bull, his sexual strenght, etc.). It is nevertheless certain that, when a healthy gland is aroused, it can be squeezed for at least five or six full drops of prostate fluid.

4. Seminal vesicles milking

Only when the prostate gland seems completely drained, should a milker perform the milking of the bull’s seminal vesicles. This is not something a milkee can do alone. Most people have a thumb long enough to milk their prostate gland, but only a few can reach his own seminal vesicles, which lie above the prostate gland. The seminal vesicles play a great role in male semen production: they secrete approximately 60% of the seminal fluid. This helps us understand the importance of their drainage.
The seminal vesicles massage is a very strange feeling, and it can produce many types of emotions or reactions. If the bull is really aroused, it can drive him to the orgasm. So it is important to proceed to milk these glands only when the prostate gland has been already milked. Because the prostate gland requires some minutes to become engorged again, this helps to prevent an involuntary orgasm.
A good description of the location of the seminal vesicles can be found in Benders’ article (pics can be found on this page of Wikipedia). It’s helpful if the milker has long fingers. It’s better if he use two fingers, index and middle, together. When the fingertips go beyond the prostate gland, they reach the seminal vesicles. They are two clearly recognizable bulges which, starting from the prostate gland, spread sideways and more deeply. The touch should start from the top and moving towards the prostate gland. A light touch is sufficient to squeeze the fluids of seminal vesicles into the urethra, so don’t be surprised if the first time you try this kind of massage you’ll see thick drops of seminal fluid flow out from bull’s penis before you realize that you are touching just his seminal vesicles. When the first drops have spilled out, you can milk these two glands with more vigor. It requires only a few minutes since seminal vesicles can be drained, so you can obtain their milk more quickly than from the prostate gland. They should produce at least half of the seminal fluid contained in a natural ejaculation.

5. Some estimate

In a good session we can induce the bull to secrete at least one drop of Cowper gland’s fluid (precum), at least five drops of prostate fluid, which represent 10% of a normal ejaculation, and at least half of a normal ejaculation through the seminal vesicles massage. If we reckon all these numbers, we can milk about 60% of a normal ejaculation without triggering an orgasm.

And now begins the amusing part. Why have we avoided triggering an orgasm? This is THE FIRST TRICK of milking. Because doing so, our bull is not satisfied, and is still eager for the final pleasure. Someone might think that this kind of manipulation has drained our male, and that an eventual ejaculation would be less powerful. This is definitely wrong. When we decide to drive him to his orgasm, his ejaculation will be more massive and intensive than ever. How is it possible?
This is quite simple, and I’ll try to explain it with a practical example, which can destroy some fanciful ideas, but which is helpful in understanding these complex mechanisms. As we have seen, when someone is aroused, his internal glands fill with their respective fluids. If you go to the bathroom to evacuate when you are aroused, during your evacuation the pressure of excrements against your sexual glands empties them almost totally, much more than a 60% discharge. This is a physical and natural phenomenon, which helps those who don’t have sexual intercourse to expel part of his semen. This doesn’t absolutely remove the sexual desire. If the man has not had an orgasm, his body will continue his eager work, and his genitals will be quickly filled again.

There is a key element we now have to consider and this is THE SECOND TRICK of a good milking session. The testicles haven’t released their sperm yet. They are still aroused and engorged, and they are the most important glands in male reproductive system. Our milking has totally deceived them; they have not perceived that the internal glands have been emptied, and they have never stopped their work. More sperm, more testosterone. They are directly linked with our brain and if they keep working, also the internal glands are induced to secrete their juices. So, only when an orgasm turns off the arousal of the testicles, our brain stops the work of the internal glands. This is a perfect trick.

6. How to go on further

At this time anyone can imagine how to go on. Perhaps our bull is a bit tired, but surely he has enjoyed the attentions he has received, and all this kind of stimulation has been very pleasurable for him. His penis demands attention. We can resume a short stimulation stage. This will help his glands to be filled again in a very few minutes. Probably his testicles grow further, and this is just what we want.
In a very few minutes, we can start a second milking stage. Your fingers will find his glands in an identical condition to the first time. Probably his anus is now more relaxed and accessible, its internal walls a bit more dilated. His internal organs seem more open to be palpated. We can go on just like the first time. Thus, 60% + 60% = 120% of a normal ejaculation, and our bull hasn’t had the final orgasm yet. So, with only two milking stages plus the final release, we could collect around 220% of a normal ejaculation. But is it enough?

I think that the very first time you try this method, it could be enough, and you could be satisfied with two milking stages. But in a milking session I would consider as complete, there should be at least five milking stages, corresponding to a quantity of about four times a normal ejaculation. There surely can be more, but it all depends on your bull, on his age (23-38 years old are full-grown and sexually strong), on the period of time he do not ejaculate, on the size of his testicle and inner glands, on his alimentary habits, and so on. A good sign indicating when to stop comes from his balls. During all the milking session they have certainly grown very much. They have become very sensitive and are key part - more than we might expect - in the stimulation-production process. Their continuous work has forced your bull’s genitals to produce probably more than ever. When they are swollen, my advice is to avail yourself of the opportunity to milk it. More sperm, more testosterone - we said - more fluids to milk. But when testicles become aching and testosterone makes your bull more aggressive, he demands the final release which will satisfy his penis and testicles.

I don’t have any advice. You’ll know better than me, at that point, how to drive him towards the final release.

7. The final release

For the inexperienced there are some warning signs that the man’s penis is about to ejaculate. There is a good description made by Jeff (his nice blog is unfortunately inactive):
“The testicles will tighten significantly just before ejaculation (about 5-10 seconds). The shaft of the penis will suddenly become stiff and rigid, more so than throughout your ministrations (about the last 2-3 seconds). The head of the penis will suddenly engorge with blood, swell largely and the penis shaft will feel like its gone rigid and is straining against itself (which it is) (approximately 1-2 seconds).
The last and final clue is that you will feel the cum-tube or center ridge on the underside of his penis shaft suddenly pulse. It will give one (empty of sperm) pulse, followed a fraction of a second later by a second and then subsequent pulses. The first pulse generally does not ejaculate semen; the second and subsequent pulses most assuredly do ejaculate semen and a majority of the semen is ejaculated during the first three contractions (1/2 -1 seconds). The remaining contractions and pulses of semen will diminish in volume.
- First contraction/pulse: usually devoid of sperm (empty pulse);
- Second contraction/pulse: contains sperm (approximately 1/8th of the total volume);
- Third and fourth contractions/pulses: contain sperm (approximately 1/3 of the total volume), this is the heaviest flow of semen during the ejaculation;
- Fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth contractions/pulses: contain sperm (approximately 1/2 of the total volume);
- Ninth and subsequent contractions/pulses: may or may not contain sperm and are sometimes referred to as 'after waves' or the penis attempting to continue to ejaculate sperm when little or none remains.”

8. Further perspectives

Have you enjoyed your bull? Has he produced big quantities of his precious semen? Yes? Have you the faintest idea of how many sons could he conceive with the small glass of the male milk you have milked from him and which is now in your hand? Yes. The male has all this power.

Your bull is now surely tired. But your stimulation process has turned him on for such a long time, that he could ejaculate again. If this is the case, let him ejaculate another time. Naturally. He needs it. The orgasm reflex is a bit slower the second time. This makes its feelings stronger. He cannot miss it. He offers you the possibility of collecting another messy load.

Your bull is now soft. If you play with his penis, it scarcely responds to your wise touch. Take a penis vibrator. Use it on its shaft, hard or soft, until you feel his orgasm contractions. Stop the vibrator and see the spurt of his fresh milk. Feel his pleasure contractions subside in your hand.

* Many thanks to my friend Doug. He has improved my English on a first draft of this article with great patience and good suggestions. *

9. Some examples

A nice boy. His heavy testicles reveal that he is worthy to be milked.

This full-grown virile man exemplifies what I mean with the term "bull". His sexual apparatus looks well endowed and very promising. More at Unzipped.

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10. Excellent videos

Here are the links to three important houses which produce excellent videos about milking, edging, and male juices. Their videos show very big, manly, straight and well endowed boys, milked or performing 'solo' masturbation. I recommend them to everybody.

Muscolar, straight, and greatly endowed guys, being milked eagerly. Wonderful release of male juices.

The site has high-quality content, featuring an enormous collection of hot, young, muscular guys. I advice you to buy the Daniel's videos, but there is an infinite series of other studs.

Some of the military recruits ejaculate directly in Rob Navarro's mouth. You can see the orgasm contractions in their genitals.